Take advantage of best gmail.com features

Gmail is the free email service provided by Google for the internet users. This is the most widely used email service with more than 425 million users around the world. This is considered as a safe email service with the unique 2-step verification for gmail login. Gmail offers wide functionality and the users can take the best advantage of the service by knowing the various features offered by Gmail.com.

google mail features

Free Storage Space

This gmail.com feature helps the users to save lots of space. Gmail offers free storage of 15 GB across the Google drive, Gmail, Google+, photos, etc. so that the user will not have to delete the emails to save the storage space.

Customizable Tabs

The customizable tabs in gmail help the users to see what’s new in their email with just a glance and enables the user to choose which emails they have to check first. This will help the user to read the mails according of their priority.

Instant View Of Attachments

It is possible to view the attachments in the mail without leaving Gmail. The user will be able to save the attachments to the drive directly and organize and share them with convenience.


The hangout feature from Gmail allows the users to talk across devices such as computers, Apple or Android devices. The conversations can be made enjoyable with photos and emoji. The user will be able to make group video calls without any charges.

Google Drive

The integration of Gmail.com with Google drive makes sharing files easy. The user will be able to send even big files with ease using this feature. The user will be able to send files reaching up to 10 GB which can be made available anywhere.

Mobile Apps

It is possible for the users to use the Gmail service on the phone or tablet using the apps that can be downloaded from Google PlayStore or from the apple app store.

Secure Mail

Gmail.com offers encryption using HTTPS, which makes the mails send and received through Gmail secure. The mail will travel safely between the Gmail servers and the web browser and your mails cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Improved Search

This feature enables the Gmail users to search something in the mail. When you type something in the search box of Gmail, the autocomplete feature predicts the content and hence the user will not have to type the word completely. This helps in saving time when the user wants to get the required information.

Google Wallet

The Gmail users can send and receive money securely to the family and friends using the feature called Google wallet. Sending money is made as simple as sending photos with this picture. The user can click the $ sign in the attachment bar to make the transaction.

Offline Gmail

This gamil.com feature allows you to access the Gmail account without internet connection.  The user will be able to access the gmail even if there is no Wi-Fi connection available.

Apart from these features, you can find an infinite number of custom themes or you can select the photos to be used for your Gmail background.

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