Procedure to login

One of the popular email services that is free, popular and web based is This service is known for the innovative features it provides as well as the security aspects that makes the service safe for the users. The Gmail app has brought a new interface for working with ease on mobiles and other devices like tablets.

One can stay connected with their Gmail inbox on the go at all times. The new feature that has been introduced by Gmail is called Inbox which offers several new ways to organize and check mails and makes communication, work gmail create accountchecklists and reminders easy to work with.

Process to login to Gmail account

There have been increasing instances of hacking and other fraudulent activities which has prompted Gmail to introduce new features for keeping the login process safe and secure. The standard process of logging in is as follows:

  • Type in in your web browser of google.
  • Once the main page opens up, the login fields will be displayed.
  • The username and password needs to be filled in.
  • If the above details are found correct, one will find their email inbox opening up automatically.

Versatility of

There are many features of Gmail that makes it the most versatile email service to have. One can stay connected with their work as well as personal communication through the web as well as mobile interfaces and apps that it offers:

  • One can easily log on to through any web browser.
  • It is possible to activate desktop alerts which will allow users to be notified about new incoming mails even if they are not browsing actively.
  • Gmail app is available for different mobile devices like Android, iPhone, Windows phones and other devices.
  • Gmail has launched Inbox which is a new version of the Gmail inbox and has several new ways that mails can be organized as well as reminders and checklists created.

How to stay safely logged in

As Gmail offers its app and interfaces for the different online platforms ranging from laptops to mobile phones, most users stay logged into their inbox through several devices at one time. In order to ensure that no privacy is invaded the following features are used:

  • Gmail sends a notification every time one uses a new web browser to log into the account.
  • In case one updates their password on one device, the other devices will be logged off and one would have to key in their account details afresh.
  • One can note their activity logs at any point in time to know the different devices through which the account has been accessed. In case one suspects fraudulent activity, this can be noted through this log listing.
  • The use of the two step verification process using a registered phone number will help one to prevent unauthorized access to one’s email account.


It is necessary that one keeps the points mentioned above in mind and is able to keep their login to Gmail account safe and secure when create an account or gmail sign up visit the link to join to gmail or know more of this free service.

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