Login Gmail: different features

There are many users who use Gmail account, but are unaware of the different features that are offered on it. Here are some useful features to note and start using in order to make the most of the service and to stay connected and organized at the same time.

Get access to all emails

If you use Gmail primarily, you can even check other emails on this account:

  • POP3 accounts of office and other services can be routed to this email address.
  • Additional Gmail accounts can be viewed simultaneously through a primary account.

This feature makes it great to view all emails on one interface. One will simply need to get the setup done accordingly.

Use of filters

The filters are a great handy function to use on Gmail:

  • You can organize filters in different ways.
  • You could direct different emails to go to different folders directly. This is useful in sending spam messages directly to trash every time.
  • Once the right filters are set up, one will be able to organize their email inbox more easily.

Granting access to other users

There might be instances when you need to provide access to another user to an email account. There are ways of allowing them to access this account without them having to log out of their own account every time. One can look up the feature among the settings on their Gmail account.

Search features

One of the best advantages of using Gmail is the search feature that allows one to find emails of a certain keyword or of a certain sender or email address. All you need to do is type in the keywords that you remember and one will be able to find all relevant mails. There is an advanced search feature as well, which one can use to find specific old emails from archived folders easily.

Safe login features

There are many ways mail ensures that safe login gmail protects the accounts of the users:

  • A two step validation process can set up to add on an extra layer of security to one’s account. This comprises of entering a valid phone number and getting it verified. A security code is sent to the phone number in order to allow one to access their account besides entering the password.
  • When the password is changed through any platform like Gmail app on a mobile, access to the account on other platforms like a laptop or a desktop is automatically closed.
  • Logging activities on different platforms and devices for a single Gmail account can be known so that, in case fraudulent activities are suspected, the same can be reported.

There are several innovative features of Gmail that make it popular as the number one service for most people across the world. The app of Gmail for mobile phones and tablets makes it possible to browse emails easily on a mobile platform. The security aspects make it safe to login from different sources as well as allow one to use the Hangout feature to stay connected to others on the go.

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