Gmail Sign in

Most email services offer users to log into their account from different platforms. They can login from an office computer, a home laptop or a mobile phone at the same point in time. For these reasons, security might be compromised and hackers can gain entry or access to one’s account if any machine has an outdated browser and other non secure systems. Even if the other factors stay the same, it is necessary to ensure that signing into one’s email account is done in a secure manner to prevent hacking activities.

gmail sign in

Signing in process of Gmail

Those who have an account on Gmail will find the process of signing in an easy one:

  • They need to visit the official domain of
  • The sign in panel will be found on the main page.
  • The login requirements only comprise of username and password.
  • At the time of entering the username, one needs to ensure that the case sensitivity is maintained.
  • The same applies for the password entry as well.

In case one logs in through the personal computer, they can choose the option to stay logged in. This is useful when one is using their personal computer for accessing their email inbox.

When login problems occur

In many cases, users often forget their password as they tend to save the password on the computer they use and do not need to key it in every day. In case one does not access their account every day or a lot of time has elapsed since the last time when one logged into their account, here are some ways to recover the same:

  • You will be prompted to enter the alternate email address you have provided where a link will be sent to reset your password.
  • In most cases, one is prompted to enter the valid phone number provided where a security code is sent as a text message. This security code needs to be keyed in to get the access to one’s account. One can then reset their password.
  • If the other two options do not work, Gmail usually asks two security questions whose answers are usually provided by the user at the time of create a gmail account.

The two step verification process

The above options offer enough of choices for one to recover their password. These details are usually taken in at the time when one is registering for an account at the site. There is also a two step verification process which will allow one to make their gmail sign in process more secure:

  • This entails one to add an extra layer of security to their email account.
  • In this process, besides keying in the password, one will be asked to key in a security code that is sent to their registered phone number every time they wish to log into their account.
  • This will help ensure that one’s account cannot be hacked easily.

The above safe procedures for logging into one’s Gmail account need to be kept in mind to ensure that the logging in procedure is safe and one’s email account remains safe from fraudulent entry.

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