Gmail Login

Gmail is one of the most popular web-based email services chosen by most of the people to send emails to their friends, relatives, colleagues and business contacts using the internet. It is the easiest way of sending and receiving emails and the receiver will get the email that you send instantly. This is also the fastest means of communication to send messages to your friends and family members at any nook and corner of the globe. If you have a personal computer, an internet connection and a Gmail account, then you will be able to send and receive emails at any time. There are millions of people who have signed up for a Gmail account and are making the best use of it.

gmail login

If you want to make use of Gmail email service, then all you got to do is to open a Gmail account for free.

The login gmail is the first step that you need to carry out in order to access the emails in your Gmail inbox. Without signing in to your account, you will not be able to send or read any of the emails. To log in to Gmail account, you will need to have the username and the password that you used for creating the Gmail account in hand or at your fingertips. To log in, just visit the Gmail website Once you enter the Gmail, you will see a sign in page to come up on the screen. You will need to enter your email id which is the username in the box under email address. Next, you need to enter the password in the type box under the password. Care must be taken when entering the password as you will need to enter the same exact password without any change in letter style and numerals and special characters so that Gmail accepts your sign in request. Once you have entered both the necessary information correctly, you just need to click here on the sign in button to enter into your gmail account login.

If by any chance you forgot your password, then you will need to click on this link forgot the password option that you see in the sign in page. Now, Google will ask a security question that you had filled while signing up for the Gmail account. If you give the correct answer for the question that you had given when signing for the account, then you will be sent the correct password to  the alternate email address that you had given when you  sign up account. Check that email account and you will find the password mail sent by Gmail. Use the password in Gmail and you will get instant access to your Gmail account.

You will find a stay signed in option just below the sign in button. You can tick the box of this option if you access the Gmail account from your private computer or laptop. This will help you in doing away with the typing of the username every time you enter the gmail sign in page. Just enter the password and you will get access to your Gmail account.

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