There are many reasons why Gmail is the most popular web based email services across the world today. Even though there are other services that are equally well known and stable like Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo and others, Gmail stands superior to all for a number of reasons.

gmail inbox

Ease of access to Gmail inbox

There are several reasons why Gmail is chosen and the preferred service amongst many. For instance, the access to Gmail is easy and uncomplicated:

  • The main domain page of Gmail offers a clean and minimalist design.
  • The login panel occurs on the front of the main page, allowing one to type in their username and password and get access to their inbox in a matter of seconds.
  • In case one is using a personal computer, they can simply gain access to their inbox by not having to log in every time. By choosing to stay logged in, one will not have to type in their password every time.

Mail organization and access

Once one gains access to their Gmail inbox, there are several new features and arrangements provided in order to help one work and organize their mails in an efficient manner:

  • System Folder is not present, but one can label their emails or add stars to them in order to categorize emails of a certain order and see them quickly.
  • Incoming mails in Gmail inbox are automatically sorted. You will find important communication from regular contacts coming in the primary tab while social media updates and notifications as well as promotional content get categorized separately.
  • The social media messages can be looked at and certain actions can be done directly through the Gmail account like replying, liking, commenting on a post and so forth.

Access to related services

Google offers several services like Google AdSense, Google+, the Hangout messenger service, blogging service and several others. These and more can be accessed through one’s inbox:

  • Once one has logged into their account, there is an AdSense tab as well as options to choose Hangout, blogging as well as to log into another account.
  • If you wish to log into another Gmail account, it is made possible by clicking on the link provided. The login window opens in a fresh tab and one can type in the username and password to access another account at the same time.
  • It is possible to stay logged into two accounts at the same time on a personal computer.


The spam mailers often crowd the inbox by Gmail. However, one can choose to categorize certain emails as spam and get them deleted or moved to another folder. There are trackers which lead to targeted ads and promotional content flashing on Gmail inbox page.

What can we conclude from this service?

Gmail is considered to be an email service that is reliable. It offers dependable service and security for one’s communication and login access to stay private. One can access several Google services with the same login details which lead to much convenience.

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