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There is no doubt that most of the people’s lives revolve around sending and receiving messages on the internet. Emails have become part and parcel of our lives and it is hard to imagine a day without accessing emails. If you are a person who deals with many emails every day, then you would like to have an account in the simple and easy to use email service. It is paramount for any business to have a straightforward mail handling system to run the business smoothly. One of the most popular email services available on the internet is Gmail, which is from the house of popular search engine giant Google.

gmailcom account

There is no doubt that there are many popular email service providers online and each one is getting better as well. But, the most comprehensive, easy to use and straightforward email service that you can operate without any hassles and has many interesting features to make emailing a simple task is of course Gmail. is the best email service that blocks most spam messages. You will find that only a few spam messages might turn up in your inbox when you receive a thousand emails in inbox. All the other spams will be moved to the spam folder automatically to save your precious time. Google offers you the option of opening a word document or an Excel spreadsheet in Google Docs. You can also keep your day to day activities organized by using Google Calendar.

You can create labels with Gmail instead of the folder options provided by other popular email services. This will allow you to attach multiple labels to a document in Gmail and hence they can be accessed from many directions. Gmail is an internet based system and hence you do not have to lend your disk storage space on your computer for Gmail software. This feature also gives you the opportunity of accessing Gmail account from any other computer other than your PC. Gmail is a free web based email service that offers you maximum mail storage space of 15 GB for free when compared to other service providers.

Gmail offers the best filter feature in the business. You can create a filter in a matter of few seconds and this will search through all the incoming mails for certain keywords or specific people and organize them in a separate folder. This way your Gmail page is also organized and you will save a lot of your time. You will not have any difficulty in finding your old mails.

Gmail does away with most of the annoying ads that are shown up on the home page. The ads are not invasive in your work and you will not even know if they are there. It is not difficult to find a particular message in Gmail like most other email services. Gmail email service is very fast when compared to other popular email services. You also have the options to customize the looks of the Gmail and set your own Gmail background.

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