Create Gmail Account

If you need to use the Gmail email service, then you will have to first create a Gmail account. For this, you need to open your web browser and visit the Google or Gmail website. In the sign in page Gmail website, you will come across a ‘create an account’ option at the bottom of the page. Click on this option and you will be taken to the Google account creation page, where you will need to enter certain personal information to get a new Gmail account created for you.

create gmail account

In the space provide for your name, you need to enter your full name. After this, move on to the next type box where you will be asked to enter a username of your choice. You can type any username that you want and the username will be followed by and this will become your email id. If the username that you enter already exists, Gmail will highlight the same and also offer you certain username suggestions.

Once your entered username is accepted by Gmail, you can move on to the next option of creating a password for your Gmail account. Make sure that you choose a strong password that involves special characters and numbers along with alphabets to make it secure. You will need to re-enter the created password once more to confirm your password and to check if you are human. 

Next, you will need to fill some personal information like your gender, your birth date with month and year and finally your mobile phone number. It is not mandatory to give your mobile phone number. But, it can be useful if Google needs to text you in case you have lost your password and want to access your Gmail account. The other information that you need to enter will be the country in which you reside as well as your alternate email address which will be used to send you a verification code. There is also a CAPTCHA code that you need to enter to complete the account creation process. Finally, tick the small box that asks you to agree to Google’s terms of service and its privacy policy. Once done, you need to just check the entire page for any errors and click on the Next Step option. You will be taken to Google Plus profile creation page. Fill in the details needed in the page and then click next step once more to successfully complete Gmail account creation.

Gmail was introduced in 2004 and since then it has become a very popular web based email service all over the globe. There are more and more people shifting to from their existing email account because they find Gmail to offer intuitive and easy to use interface. Gmail also offers a host of features to make emailing a hassle free and simple job. With a Gmail username and password, you will be able to use Gmail service as well as use the same logging in username and password to access other Google services like YouTube, Google Plus, Google drive, etc.

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