Monthly archive: February 2016

Procedure to login

One of the popular email services that is free, popular and web based is This service is known for the innovative features it provides as well as the security aspects that makes the service safe for the users. The Gmail app has brought a new interface for working with ease Continue reading →

Gmail Sign up

When you wish to have a reliable email account, Gmail is the perfect solution to opt for. Gmail has been catering to millions of users all over the world and it is an account that will help you carry out different functions, have a secure platform for all kinds of Continue reading →

Gmail Sign in

Most email services offer users to log into their account from different platforms. They can login from an office computer, a home laptop or a mobile phone at the same point in time. For these reasons, security might be compromised and hackers can gain entry or access to one’s account Continue reading → Inbox

There are many reasons why Gmail is the most popular web based email services across the world today. Even though there are other services that are equally well known and stable like Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo and others, Gmail stands superior to all for a number of reasons. Ease of access Continue reading →