Procedure to login

One of the popular email services that is free, popular and web based is This service is known for the innovative features it provides as well as the security aspects that makes the service safe for the users. The Gmail app has brought a new interface for working with ease on mobiles and other devices like tablets.

One can stay connected with their Gmail inbox on the go at all times. The new feature that has been introduced by Gmail is called Inbox which offers several new ways to organize and check mails and makes communication, work gmail create accountchecklists and reminders easy to work with.

Process to login to Gmail account

There have been increasing instances of hacking and other fraudulent activities which has prompted Gmail to introduce new features for keeping the login process safe and secure. The standard process of logging in is as follows:

  • Type in in your web browser of google.
  • Once the main page opens up, the login fields will be displayed.
  • The username and password needs to be filled in.
  • If the above details are found correct, one will find their email inbox opening up automatically.

Versatility of

There are many features of Gmail that makes it the most versatile email service to have. One can stay connected with their work as well as personal communication through the web as Continue reading →

Gmail Sign up

When you wish to have a reliable email account, Gmail is the perfect solution to opt for. Gmail has been catering to millions of users all over the world and it is an account that will help you carry out different functions, have a secure platform for all kinds of communications, keep your mails organized and chat and other functions allow one to stay connected to different people on the go.

Sign up process for Gmail

If you wish to sign up for an account on Gmail, you will find in this article the process an easy one:

  • Visit the domain of Gmail clicking here and find the login panel on the main page.
  • Here you will find the link to sign up for a new account.
  • When you click on the link you will be taken to the registration page.
  • Here you will be prompted to enter the username and password for your new account.
  • In order to ensure that the username is unique, there will be prompts given until you find a unique username that is not registered with any user.
  • When choosing a password of alphanumeric characters, you need to make it at least eight characters long.

There are other inputs that are required at the time of signing up for a new Continue reading →

Gmail Sign in

Most email services offer users to log into their account from different platforms. They can login from an office computer, a home laptop or a mobile phone at the same point in time. For these reasons, security might be compromised and hackers can gain entry or access to one’s account if any machine has an outdated browser and other non secure systems. Even if the other factors stay the same, it is necessary to ensure that signing into one’s email account is done in a secure manner to prevent hacking activities.

gmail sign in

Signing in process of Gmail

Those who have an account on Gmail will find the process of signing in an easy one:

  • They need to visit the official domain of
  • The sign in panel will be found on the main page.
  • The login requirements only comprise of username and password.
  • At the time of entering the username, one needs to ensure that the case sensitivity is maintained.
  • The same applies for the password entry as well.

In case one logs in through the personal computer, they can choose the option to stay logged in. This is useful when one is using their personal computer for accessing their email inbox.

When login problems occur

In many cases, users often forget their password as they tend to save the password on the computer they use and do not need to key it in every day. In case one does not access their account every day or a lot of time has elapsed since the last time when one logged into their account, here are some ways to recover the same:

  • You will be prompted to enter the alternate email address you have provided where a link will be sent to reset your password.
  • In most cases, one is prompted to enter the valid phone number provided where a security code is sent as a text message. This security code needs to be keyed in to get the access to one’s account. One can then reset their password.
  • If the other two options do not work, Gmail usually asks two security questions whose answers are usually provided by the user at the time of create a gmail account.

The two step verification process

The above options offer enough of choices for one to recover their password. These details are usually taken in at the time when one is registering for an account at the site. There is also a two step verification process which will allow one to make their gmail sign in process more secure:

  • This entails one to add an extra layer of security to their email account.
  • In this process, besides keying in the password, one will be asked to key in a security code that is sent to their registered phone number every time they wish to log into their account.
  • This will help ensure that one’s account cannot be hacked easily.

The above safe procedures for logging into one’s Gmail account need to be kept in mind to ensure that the logging in procedure is safe and one’s email account remains safe from fraudulent entry.

Login Gmail: different features

There are many users who use Gmail account, but are unaware of the different features that are offered on it. Here are some useful features to note and start using in order to make the most of the service and to stay connected and organized at the same time.

Get access to all emails

If you use Gmail primarily, you can even check other emails on this account:

  • POP3 accounts of office and other services can be routed to this email address.
  • Additional Gmail accounts can be viewed simultaneously through a primary account.

This feature makes it great to view all emails on one interface. One will simply need to get the setup done accordingly.

Use of filters

The filters are a great handy function to use on Gmail:

  • You can organize filters in different ways.
  • You could direct different emails to go to different folders directly. This is useful in sending spam messages directly to trash every time.
  • Once the right filters are set up, one will be able to organize their email inbox more easily.

Granting access to other users

There might be instances when you need to provide access to another user to an email account. There are ways Continue reading → Inbox

There are many reasons why Gmail is the most popular web based email services across the world today. Even though there are other services that are equally well known and stable like Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo and others, Gmail stands superior to all for a number of reasons.

gmail inbox

Ease of access to Gmail inbox

There are several reasons why Gmail is chosen and the preferred service amongst many. For instance, the access to Gmail is easy and uncomplicated:

  • The main domain page of Gmail offers a clean and minimalist design.
  • The login panel occurs on the front of the main page, allowing one to type in their username and password and get access to their inbox in a matter of seconds.
  • In case one is using a personal computer, they can simply gain access to their inbox by not having to log in every time. By choosing to stay logged in, one will not have to type in their password every time.

Mail organization and access

Once one gains access to their Gmail inbox, there are several new features and arrangements Continue reading →

Gmail Login

Gmail is one of the most popular web-based email services chosen by most of the people to send emails to their friends, relatives, colleagues and business contacts using the internet. It is the easiest way of sending and receiving emails and the receiver will get the email that you send instantly. This is also the fastest means of communication to send messages to your friends and family members at any nook and corner of the globe. If you have a personal computer, an internet connection and a Gmail account, then you will be able to send and receive emails at any time. There are millions of people who have signed up for a Gmail account and are making the best use of it.

gmail login

If you want to make use of Gmail email service, then all you got to do is to open a Gmail account for free.

The login gmail is the first step that you need to carry out in order to access the emails in your Gmail inbox. Without signing in to your account, you will not be able to send or read any of the emails. To log in to Gmail account, you will need to have the username and the password that you used for creating the Gmail account in hand or at your fingertips. To log in, just visit the Gmail website Once you enter the Gmail, you will see a sign in page to come up on the screen. You will need to enter your email id which is the username in the box under email address. Next, you need to enter the password in the type box under the password. Care must be taken when entering the password as you will need to enter the same exact password without any change in letter style and numerals and special characters so that Gmail accepts your sign in request. Once you have entered both the necessary information correctly, you just need to click here on the sign in button to enter into your gmail account login.

If by any chance you forgot your password, then you will need to click on this link forgot the password option that you see in the sign in page. Now, Google will ask a security question that you had filled while signing up for the Gmail account. If you give the correct answer for the question that you had given when signing for the account, then you will be sent the correct password to  the alternate email address that you had given when you  sign up account. Check that email account and you will find the password mail sent by Gmail. Use the password in Gmail and you will get instant access to your Gmail account.

You will find a stay signed in option just below the sign in button. You can tick the box of this option if you access the Gmail account from your private computer or laptop. This will help you in doing away with the typing of the username every time you enter the gmail sign in page. Just enter the password and you will get access to your Gmail account.

Create Gmail Account

If you need to use the Gmail email service, then you will have to first create a Gmail account. For this, you need to open your web browser and visit the Google or Gmail website. In the sign in page Gmail website, you will come across a ‘create an account’ option at the bottom of the page. Click on this option and you will be taken to the Google account creation page, where you will need to enter certain personal information to get a new Gmail account created for you.

create gmail account

In the space provide for your name, you need to enter your full name. After this, move on to the next type box where you will be asked to enter a username of your choice. You can type any username that you want and the username will be followed by and this will become your email id. If the username that you enter already exists, Gmail will highlight the same and also offer you certain username suggestions.

Once your entered username is accepted by Gmail, you can move on to the next option of creating a password for your Gmail account. Make sure that you choose a strong password that involves special characters and numbers along with alphabets to make it secure. You will need to re-enter the created password once more to confirm your password and to check if you are human.  Continue reading →

Take advantage of best features

Gmail is the free email service provided by Google for the internet users. This is the most widely used email service with more than 425 million users around the world. This is considered as a safe email service with the unique 2-step verification for gmail login. Gmail offers wide functionality and the users can take the best advantage of the service by knowing the various features offered by

google mail features

Free Storage Space

This feature helps the users to save lots of space. Gmail offers free storage of 15 GB across the Google drive, Gmail, Google+, photos, etc. so that the user will not have to delete the emails to save the storage space.

Customizable Tabs

The customizable tabs in gmail help the users to see what’s new in their email with just a glance and enables the user to choose which emails they have to check first. This will help the user to read the mails according of their priority. Continue reading → account vs other email services

There is no doubt that most of the people’s lives revolve around sending and receiving messages on the internet. Emails have become part and parcel of our lives and it is hard to imagine a day without accessing emails. If you are a person who deals with many emails every day, then you would like to have an account in the simple and easy to use email service. It is paramount for any business to have a straightforward mail handling system to run the business smoothly. One of the most popular email services available on the internet is Gmail, which is from the house of popular search engine giant Google.

gmailcom account

There is no doubt that there are many popular email service providers online and each one is getting better as well. But, the most comprehensive, easy to use and straightforward email service that you can operate without any hassles and has many interesting features to make emailing a simple task is of course Gmail. is the best email service that blocks most spam messages. You will find that only a few spam messages might turn up in your inbox when you receive a thousand emails in inbox. All the other spams will be moved to the spam folder automatically to save your precious time. Google offers you the option of opening a word document or an Continue reading →